Dr. James C. Canant

Dr. Canant knew what he wanted to do when he was 6 years old, take care of animals. After getting his B.S. degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences from Auburn University in 1980, he completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1984 from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. He was then on his way to accomplishing his goal of caring for animals.

Dr. Canant moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama immediately after graduating in 1984 and has lived here ever since, except for a brief period while working at a veterinary practice in north Alabama. Initially Dr. Canant focused on large animal medicine, working mainly with horses and cattle. However, he has practiced exclusively on small animals for the last 19 years. He has been an associate veterinarian, been a partner in a veterinary practice, worked exclusively with police service dogs, worked in animal emergency clinics and has been a sole owner of his own practice. Dr. Canant built and operated Canant Veterinary Hospital in 1992 and owned it until selling it in 2011. Dr. Canant is again in private practice at his new clinic, Fosters Veterinary Clinic, located in Fosters, Alabama, a short distance from Tuscaloosa. He is again priviledged to be pursuing his passion of caring for animals!

Dr. Canant has lived in Ralph, Alabama for 19 years. He has three children; Kristen, Noah and Laney and one grandchild, Dawson. Currently he has three dogs; Hershey, Brown dog and Tank. He also has three donkeys; Don, Key and Hildalgo. He doesn't currently have a cat, but is waiting for that special cat to come along. All of the dogs and cats that Dr. Canant has owned in the last 28 years have been as he describes "cripples, sick and indigents" and they have all been adoptees. He believes strongly in adopting pets in need.

Dr. Canant looks forward to again caring for animals and the privilege of serving clients and their pets!